how to repair soft spot in fiberglass boat floor

Soft spot Repair or Whole floor??? | Boating Forum Nov 24, 2011. If it's bad use a circular saw set just shy of the depth of the transom and cut a grid into the wood then use a hammer and chisel to knock all.

How to Repair a Soft Boat Deck | eHow Mark the weak areas around the soft spot with a grease pencil, and include them in the perimeter of the hole you're going to cut in your deck. When you've.

About - Injectadeck Marine Structural Foam DIY Injectadeck is a carefully engineered structural marine foam and adhesive that cures hard as wood, quickly and easily repairing soft spots on your boat's.

soft spots in fiberglass floor | Boat Design Net Repent, before it's too late! Actually, I've never heard of injecting resin into a rotten deck to fix it. The usual solution to fix it, is to.

Some questions about soft spots in floor. - StripersOnline -Who fixes boat floors? Mechanics? Fiberglass shops? -Should I have this inspected before I use the boat? -Is my plywood idea a bad one?

boat floor repair.. help needed - Texas Fishing Forum Ok so I have a soft spot about 4x4 in my floor. It is fiberglass. It's a 89 stratos bass boat if that helps any.

1978 Outrage 21 Soft Spot in Deck - Moderated Discussion Areas While I have never [made a repair to] a floor in a [Boston Whaler boat], I have [made a repair to] soft spots in [boats made by other.

Thread: soft spot in floor, how do I fix it? - BBC Boards Aug 7, 2006. Seal the bottom side and edges of the patch with resin. Put a good size screw in the center of the patch, protruding from the top side. Put the.

Floor Soft Spot - PlanetNautique Forums Nov 6, 2005. Join Date: Apr 2005 · Posts: 1407 · Location: Discovery Bay, CA · Current Boats: 2001 Super Air Nautique (Current) 1998 Ski Nautique (former) 1.

Old boat: soft floor? - BandOfBoaters Nov 25, 2017. Many times the boats rot from the keel up, so by the time you find a soft spot in the floor the stringers and transom are already compromised,.

Is Your Boat Floor Too Rotted To Be Worth Fixing: Rotten Repairs I often get asked advice about a rotted boat floor.. Fish and Ski that had a soft spot in the upper front deck of the bow where the fishing seat went.

Soft Spot in Floor? Major Problem?? | Tidal Fish Forum Apr 27, 2006. The easy way is to just rip out the soft stuff, replace it with cheap marine grade and put the carpeting back down. You could probably be done.

Soft Deck, What Would You Do? | Club Sea Ray Aug 17, 2018. I've had a small spot on the front of the deck near the big hatch. Question is do I fix the boat and keep it or try to sell it next year.

Need soft spot on deck repaired, help. | Bloodydecks - BDoutdoors Aug 31, 2014. In the age of wooden ships, boats were sometimes hauled for the winter and placed in sheds or dry dock for repair. The boats already had some.

Discussion Forum: Soft spot repair - Whaler Central If it is a case of the inner hull skin no longer adhering to the foam, I have injected/poured fiberglass resin into the area that is soft.

soft deck - Southeastern U.S. - Chaparral Boats Owners Club Jul 10, 2019. Does anyone know if the stringers are glassed in or exposed wood? Also, I'm wondering if I should pull all the decking out and replace or just.

View topic - Deck soft spot repair with gorilla glue - iWindsurf This means removing all of the existing paint/graphics. Also not too sure about using Marine Tex to saturate fiberglass cloth. M-Tex is a super.

Repairing soft decks with Gorilla Glue? - Trawler Forum Apr 6, 2015. I've got a few soft spots on my 42' Formosa Trawler and a guy told. and replace the rotted wood with new wood and then add the fiberglass.

Fiberglass Boat Repair Maintenance - WEST SYSTEM Epoxy WEST SYSTEM Epoxy for fiberglass repair. 4. 2 Repairing Minor Cracks and Holes. 2 1. Minor crack and abrasion repair. 6. 3 Repairing Stringers and Floors.

Soft Floor over fuel tank - KEY WEST BOATS FORUM Nov 8, 2014. I assume it's rotten wood under the fiberglass gel coat. Is that the case? My plan is to cut out the soft part and replace the rotten sub floor.

Stringer Repairs in Fiberglass Boats - Epoxyworks Jul 29, 2014. Making a repair that is significantly stronger than the original design can cause hard spots which may distort or crack the hull shell. A repair.

Fixing Soft Spots or Delamination on your Boston Whaler – Epoxy May 7, 2011. You can find soft spots by simply pressing down on the inner hull and. remove the wet foam, then replace the fiberglass piece by bonding.

How to: Deck Repair with Plywood and Epoxy Resin - Sail Magazine Aug 25, 2016. On many boats, decks are cored with end-grain balsa or plywood with a fiberglass laminate on each side. It's not unusual for moisture to.

Injecting soft deck areas - Classic AquaSport Mar 17, 2013. So in leiu of ripping the deck out, my neighbor who has been building boats and doing fiberglass work most of his life suggested we inject.

iboats Boating Forums Foam repair to soft deck-spots | [HOST] 3 days ago. I have been in the business of fiberglass boat repair and Soft spots on the deck are a sign of rotted and delaminated core materials.

Fiberglass Repair | How to Articles | Bottom Paint Store Nov 19, 2020. There are many ways to repair spider cracks in boats, using our Gelcoat Repair Putty is an easy and fast way of doing it! First, you will need.

Backyard Fiberglass Repair: Laminating Plywood to Fiberglass Feb 9, 2017. If you need a quick and dirty but structurally sound way to fix a fiberglass boat part, backyard lamination will do the trick.

Soft Spots in fiberglass floor in SS - TeamTalk - MasterCraft Nov 1, 2017. I had the same thing on my 83. I agree, most likely the foam fill holes. I never did repair mine. I sold the boat before I could get to it.

Warrior floor replacement [Archive] - Boats - Walleye Central I'm thinking about tearing into my boat to replace the floor but would. I have a fiberglass boat that had a soft spot in the floor in the.

soft floor repair advice - Ausfish fishing Australia, Australian Angling. Dec 6, 2008. I have had this soft spot in the floor since I purchased the boat it. put another ply/alloy/fiberglass patch on it until winter repairs.

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