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 The OG Crew from Popup Days






The OG Crew from Popup Days

The Evolution

Brades Burgers started back in 2015 as a market pop-up stall, bringing fresh and handmade gourmet burgers to all parts of Sydney and it’s greater regions. We started with the basic goal of re-inventing simple, and making it simply amazing. But we wanted to do this whilst maintaining a good price point for our customers. So we did!

After a year of pop-up stalls, our name and product had grown further than we had planned. So we had to act fast. We then brought Brades Burgers Food Van online in mid-2017, providing our food that people had come to know and love, on a larger and more regular scale in many more areas.

After eight months of operation, we had yet again grown past anything we had expected. So we needed to act again. Welcome, Brades Burgers Parramatta! We opened the Parramatta store early May 2018, bringing our same amazing products and ingredients, whilst expanding on the menu and items in order to bring you more of what you love.

Our Food and Goals

It’s easy to open a burger restaurant; it’s not easy to create one that is unique. Our main goal is to take simple, and make it simply amazing. Everything that you have come to know and love about burgers, we take that and add our touch and a modern twist whilst keeping the base elements.

We hand pick and meet all of our suppliers to ensure the best. We then hand make and create all of our flavours and combinations in order to provide you with the best flavour combinations possible; and this isn’t just for our burgers. It goes for our dawgs, sides, drinks and shakes as well. 

Whilst re-inventing simple and creating our great flavours with all Australian ingredients, we ensure that we get it for the right price, so we can keep our price point low for you. We ultimately want you to get value for money, without lapsing in quality.

We also ensure that our beef patty grind and vegetarian patties are gluten free to allow dietary needs to be met for those who cannot consume gluten. With gluten free buns; our quality is still achievable.