Shake 'n Serve Cocktails (1L)

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Shake n’ Serve Bottled Cocktails (1L)

These cocktails are made fresh for the day of your delivery, and are mixed up in a 1L bottle, ready to shake and serve at home!

Considering your paying $18 for a cocktail at a bar for 125mL; THIS IS BANG FOR YOUR BUCK CRAZY!

Pricing subject to change, stock and availability dependent, options may change without warning.



The Hills: Vodka, Malibu, Lychee Liqueur, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup

Classic Margarita: Lime Juice, Tequila, Lime Juice, Cointreau, Sugar Syrup

Passionfruit Margarita: Lime Juice, Tequila, Passionfruit Liqueur, Sugar Syrup

Cinnamon Whiskey Sour: Fireball, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup (Add Own Eggwhite)

Espresso Martini: Vodka, Kahlua, Espresso Coffee

Sex on the Beach: Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice.

Midori Illusion: Midori, Vodka, Cointreau, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice.